38 weeks preggo

The last month of pregnancy is still flying by! Really though, as uncomfortable as I’m getting with this big ol’ baby bump & Lucas constantly bouncing on my bladder or kicking me in the ribs, I feel like every week is still going by so quickly. I spent most of the past week sick with what I’m thinking started as allergies but turned in to a cold. But I’m finally able to breathe through my nose again so yay! Unfortunately I passed it on to Brandon so now he’s fighting it. He’s much more of a trooper than I am though, so I think he’ll get rid of it faster than I did.

My mom, aunt, and cousin took me to lunch today at Zoe’s Kitchen as one last ‘hoorah’ before Lucas gets here. It’s so crazy that today might be the last time they see me with a baby bump & the next time they see me I’ll have a baby in my arms. My cousin’s son is about to be two years old, and when we were leaving she told him to give Lucas a kiss bye & he kissed my belly. Seriously the cutest thing ever! Zoe’s Kitchen was delish. I got the veggie pita pizza & a greek salad. Trying to keep it healthy as much as I can these last few weeks of pregnancy, but most of the time dessert wins that battle. Speaking of dessert, if you go eat at Zoe’s Kitchen, get a chocolate chip cookie. You won’t be disappointed.

We have a lot to do this weekend to finish getting ready for Lucas’ big arrival. We do have most of his nursery finished. Brandon has put together about a million things this past week including our pack&play/bassinet, glider (most comfortable chair ever,) & a bouncer for Lucas. Our pack&play, stroller, bouncer, & high chair are all the ‘Catalina Ice’ print from Babies R Us, & I think the print is perfect. It’s adorable, and even though it’s blue, it can easily be used for a baby girl in the future 🙂


Brandon surprised me today by coming home earlier than he said he would be home with flowers & reminded me that tomorrow is the 17th, which will be our 15 month anniversary. We kind of stopped counting “monthiversaries” after one year, but it’s so sweet that he remembers them. I really did get so lucky with him. I don’t know how he does it because I already love him so much, but every day I continue to fall more & more in love with him. God knew what he was doing when he brought Brandon in to my life, and I will always be so thankful that I get to share my life with him. And we’re about to be parents! Whhhhhaaaaaatttttt?! I can’t wait to meet our little man – in two weeks or less!

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