39, almost 40, weeks preggo

That’s right, our little man’s due date is TOMORROW! I know I’ve been saying that pregnancy really has gone by so quickly for me, but now I’m understanding why people say the last month of pregnancy lasts for a thousand years. I wouldn’t say I felt like the entire last month of pregnancy lasts super long, because the first couple of weeks of April went by very quickly, but definitely the last couple of weeks seem like FOREVER. When I went to my weekly doctor appointment last week, I was sure that I wouldn’t make it to my appointment this week because Lucas would already be here. Yet that week came & went, and sure enough, I was in the doctor’s office Tuesday morning for my weekly check-up.

I’ve spent the past few days walking and eating pineapple after pineapple. Waiting on my body to go in to labor can be very frustrating, I’m just trying to remind myself that God has a plan for everything & this baby will come when it’s time for him to be here. If Lucas is stubborn and doesn’t want to come before Monday, I am most likely going to be induced, which is a little scary to me. I would much rather him come on his own, but you never know. I was so sure that he was going to be here before his due date, but that isn’t looking like it’s happening.

Being almost 40 weeks pregnant is pretty uncomfortable. Even though I still feel very lucky to have not gained a huge amount of weight and I really have not had any swelling or health issues, I am extremely uncomfortable. My belly is big & it’s difficult to move around, especially getting out of bed. Usually Brandon has to give me an extra little umph to get him. I feel like a turtle who’s turned over on their shell and can’t get up. Fun stuff.

Accurate description of the ninth month of pregnancy
Accurate description of the ninth month of pregnancy

This is a really funny & accurate description of how I feel right about now. Probably the best Buzzfeed list I’ve ever read. If you’re pregnant and need a good laugh, I highly suggest reading it. Also, if any of you new moms are looking for a great sale on baby clothes, Carter’s is having a great sale right now. 50-70% off a lot of stuff. I’ve been saying I’m done buying Lucas clothes because he has so many already, but I couldn’t help myself. I mean, how cute is this little onesie? It also has the monkey on the butt on the back. SO CUTE!

As anxious as I am about the last few days of being pregnant, just waiting on our baby to be here, I really can’t believe we’re going to have a baby in less than a week! It seems like just yesterday we found out that I’m pregnant. We can’t wait to meet our little man & are so excited for his big day!

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