Baby’s first word! Kind of.

So, I really will get around to posting Lucas’s birth story, but trying to keep up with an infant while planning a wedding is keeping me busy 24/7!

In the meantime, I felt it absolutely necessary to document that Lucas said “mom” today!!! I know it’s not like babies can really say words at two months old, but both Brandon and I heard it. After he woke up from a nap, Brandon brought him in to the living room and Lucas looked at me and said “mom”. I don’t even care that he probably didn’t really know what he was saying and was most likely just mumbling & baby talking. It made this momma’s heart melt. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than my little piglet. 🙂

Lucas also had his first sleepover at gramps & Mawmaw’s house last night while mommy & daddy had a parents’ night out. He did so well and Brandon & I had a great time at our parade’s coronation ball. We couldn’t wait to see our little man today though & were so excited to see his face this morning when we picked him up. Big weekend over here!

my little piggy

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