Lucas, lately. Pt. 1

I can not believe our little man will be three months old on Tuesday! Time is flying & I just want it to slow down for two seconds.

Lucas is big in to Mickey Mouse a Clubhouse right now. Seriously, people over at Disney know what they’re doing. Every time the show comes on and Mickey walks up and starts talking, he gets the biggest cheeseball smile on his face and starts bouncing his butt off. It is the cutest thing! I love watching him watch Mickey because he is SO happy! I’m already that mom that sings along and dances with him. But I mean really, how catchy is the “Hot Dog” song?! I’m pretty sure every mom out there knows what I’m talking about.

We’ve gotten in to a little morning routine in the past week. Wake up at 5:30AM, (he’s a morning person just like his daddy!) play with daddy for a little while until Lucas realizes he’s hungry and it’s time to nurse, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and bounce in his bouncer for a little while while I eat breakfast, then nurse again and take a nap on mommy (my favorite time of the day.) I’m learning all too quickly that he’s growing up too fast and soon enough he won’t want to cuddle & nap with me, so I’m soaking it up as much as I can right now!

Lucas is getting so strong and he’s been trying to both sit up on his own and crawl lately. He also held his bottle on his own last night for a few minutes! Momma’s not ready! Wasn’t he just born like last week?! No, it’s been almost 13 weeks already? Oh, okay.

Brandon and I are also getting married in 11 weeks! What?! It’s getting so close, and we are so excited! Just trying to get all of the little details figured out now. I may or may not have practiced writing my new name (I definitely have.) which is like me saying I may or may not cry at our wedding (I definitely will.)

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