Where has this year gone?!

Y’all. First of all, we are married now! WHAT! I’m officially a Mrs. & have the best husband in the whole world. Second of all, Lucas is almost 6 months old! How is my little baby already half a year old?! I seriously feel like I birthed him yesterday. And third of all, I have obviously been terrible at blogging lately. Life has just been crazy  busy lately, and I haven’t made time for blogging. By the time I have a little extra time at night to blog, I’m usually so exhausted I choose sleep instead. But I’m going to try to get better.

So we got back from our honeymoon last weekend, and I am probably never going on another vacation again without Lucas. I missed him so much & can’t imagine being away from that long again. This whole week though he has been in super I-need-mommy-mode & only wants me. Which I have to admit I love 99.9% of the time, but it’s exhausting! Mommy needs a nap, pronto.

This weekend is Lucas’s first Halloween, and he is going to be THE CUTEST little monkey. Pics to come, so definitely look forward to that! I know I am 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃👻 I’m ready for November to be here because I’m already in Christmas mode so that’s kind of acceptable then, right? 🎄🎅


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