Sunday sickday

As much as I wanted today to be Sunday fun day, it was the opposite. Last night Brandon and I both came down with what I can only imagine is a bad stomach virus. Not fun at all, I’m sure you can imagine. We had all of these plans for the day, including a fun date night, that were instantly cancelled. We have spent the whole day in bed trying to keep Sprite & crackers in our stomach and watching a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon (have I ever mentioned that my husband is amazing & such a trooper?!) Thankfully my mother-in-law came to pick up Lucas this morning & had him for the day so we were able to attempt to rest.

Being sick and unable to do anything all day long has really made me realize that most of the time I take for granted any days that I’m not stuck in bed all day with nausea. We had so much to do today, yet we physically were hardly able to drag our butts out of bed.

We keep talking about getting healthy & in the best shape we possibly can, and I think this might be our kick in the butt to do so. I want to be at my healthiest for my family. I want to work out and get fully in shape. I want to cook healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I want to be the best version of myself for my little family. If anything good comes out of today, it’s that being this stick and stuck in bed has motivated me to make things happen and be the best wife & mother I can possibly be.
To brighten up this post a little bit, here’s a few pictures of our little man lately, who is almost a year old! (Where did my baby go?!)


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