Hello, 26!

Hi everyone! So, Saturday was my birthday, and I think I am officially in my late twenties now. I mean, can you technically still call 26 mid-twenties? Either way, I’ll probably blink my eyes and be celebrating my 30th! Ahhh.πŸ™„πŸΎ

I am super excited for the last three months of the year! October, November, and December are always my favorite. Just something about all of the holidays, the cooler weather, getting to wear leggings as pants 😁 and now getting to celebrate the holidays with my little toddler sidekick!

Lucas is almost 18 months old now (WHATTTTT?!) literally time is flying by. He is at such a fun, also very stubborn, age. He has such an adventurous personality and is still my little Momma’s boy. He is definitely giving me a run for my money every single day by testing my patience, but then the next second making my heart melt by running up and hugging me for no apparent reason other than the fact that he just loves me unconditionally. He is the best!

So here’s a few random pictures from life lately. One of my goals for 26 is to definitely show this blog a little more love and update way more often! We’ll see if that’s one of the goals I’ll accomplish this year!

Here’s to 26!

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