But first, Halloween.

Christmas is basically right around the corner, yay! My favorite time of the year! But first, Halloween. 🎃

Halloween is so different (aka more fun) with a kid. Costumes take a lot more thought, but it pays off because you get to do family costumes which is super fun.

Last year Lucas was a monkey, I was a giraffe, and Brandon was our zookeeper.

I feel like we were just getting our costumes on for that Halloween, and here we are a year later!

They have SO many cute costumes for kids. Target has lots of great options, always, like an ostrich or a slice of pizza. 🍕 two options I considered for Lucas. But we decided to be the Rubbles (Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam.) Bam Bam was an obvious choice for Lucas, because how he is on a daily basis basically embodies who Bam Bam is. Brandon’s mom helped out making the costumes. Can’t wait to put them on this weekend! Pics definitely to come.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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