32 weeks w. baby number two

Hi guys!

32 weeks pregnant. Y’all, I feel like I have been pregnant for at least a year now. I am so so thankful to be pregnant again, but my body is also ready to have this baby. It’s rough out there to be 8 months pregnant with a toddler, especially in this Louisiana heat! Shout out to all the pregnant mamas with toddlers in the summertime!

I’m going to try to do these weekly “bump dates” for the next 8 weeks (ahhh only 8 weeks left!) I wish I would have started earlier in my pregnancy but hey, what’s a better time than now?!

How Far Along: 32 weeks! aka officially in my 8th month of pregnancy

Feeling: ROUGH. I’ve had a lot more back problems this time around. Sometimes I can barely walk (waddle) & it’s just really hard for me to ever get comfortable sitting, standing, or laying down.

Favorite Moment This Week: One day I was laying on the floor with Lucas to try to get him to take a nap, he said “Touch Lo” & put his hand on my belly, and he fell asleep with his hand on my belly because he wanted to have a hand on his little brother. Literally the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Still tearing up over here (pregnancy hormones)

Maternity Clothes: I basically can only fit my belly in to my husband’s tshirts. So pretty much I’m wearing Nike shorts and t-shirts 24/7. I did just order a couple basic maternity tshirts from Gap though!

Cravings: Salads & wine. I have craved wine so much more this pregnancy, so I am definitely looking forward to that first glass in a couple of months!

XO Meghan

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