33 weeks w. baby number two

Hi y’all! I can not believe we are getting so close to Logan’s due date! I am both freaking out & super excited. All the feels, all the time basically.

How far along: 33 weeks

Feeling: Verrrrry pregnant. This belly is getting so heavy & I’ve had a few new pains this week that I think is either round ligament pain or sciatic nerve problems, so that has been fun. I literally just waddle everywhere, so I am very ready to be able to get my body back to being strong…and walk normally.

Favorite moment this week: My mom threw a little baby shower for Logan & I this past weekend. We got a lot of diapers (always a plus!) and some cute, new clothes and other little things for Logan. Also, got a bottle of moscato for me for after baby gets here (Thanks Lenny!)

Maternity clothes: I wore a ShopPinkBlush dress for my baby shower. I couldn’t find the exact one on their website anymore, but they have so many cute maternity & non maternity clothes, and there is always a good sale going on. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already.

Cravings: I have been eating grilled cheese with a scrambled egg on top multiple times this week. Also, peanut butter toast with honey & cinnamon on top. I saw the idea on one of my favorite mommas to follow’s Instagram, and haven’t stopped eating it since. SO good!

Movement: ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Logan has parties in my belly all of the time. I think he’s just excited to come play with his big brother 🙂 his kicks are starting to become a little more painful now that he’s getting bigger.

Gender: BOY!

This past week I have been feeling so many different emotions. This last stretch of pregnancy is hard. I’ve been feeling super guilty about not being able to do some things for Lucas or play with him like I used to, but I am also so excited for Logan to join us and can’t wait to see their bond as brothers. Lucas says he wants Logan here now to play with him 😭😂💙 all the feels, seriously.

7 more weeks!

XO Meghan​

Also, FYI Starbucks has buy 1, get 1 free on iced espresso drinks from 2-5pm through Sunday. Cheers!

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