34 weeks w. baby number two


How far along: 34 weeks

Feeling: About the same as last week, but a little worse. It’s really hard to sleep right now between how uncomfortable it is for me to do anything + having to pee every 2 hours! Also…the leg cramps! Oh my gosh, the leg cramps. I’ve had them pretty steadily for the last two months, but they have been something else this week. I get them every single night, multiple times a night. I got them when I was pregnant with Lucas also, but definitely one symptom I did not miss.

Favorite moment this week: We had our last holiday as a family of 3 this week. We had such a fun July 4th, until our a/c broke. Y’all…one thing you do not want to happen in the middle of the hot, Louisiana summer is your air conditioner to break. But, before the a/c broke, we really did have such a fun day. Seeing Lucas play the Xbox Kinect for the first time was so funny!

Maternity clothes: Literally like nothing fits this bump anymore. It is huge. My maternity shorts barely even fit. Breezy summery dresses & big t-shirts are probably all you’ll catch me in the next few weeks until little man is here. I recently bought this dress from ShopPinkBlush & I can’t wait to get it. I feel like it’ll be my go to dress in my closet for the rest of this pregnancy.

Cravings: The grilled cheese with an egg on top is still going strong. Also, sweets. Any and every kind of sweet, but definitely chocolate.

Movement: Still all day, every day. A lot of times you’re able to see his movements from the outside of my belly, which is really cool/crazy. Every time I feel him kick or move I am still in amazement that I’m growing a tiny, little human inside me & it just makes me so, so grateful…even though a lot of his kicks are getting pretty painful.

Gender: BOY!

Ummm guys, like I can not stress enough how tough this week has been, especially with no a/c. Please say some prayers for us so that it gets fixed quickly. It’s been out since Tuesday, and they have yet to come see what’s up. Not okay.

XO Meghan


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