Five Things

  • Snoballs to Go on a Stick – My friend Ashley introduced me to these the other day & y’all, they are a game changer! So far I’ve had the stuffed strawberry and the stuffed wedding cake, and they are seriously delicious. I picked some up at our weekly grocery store run this morning planning on eating one for dessert tonight, but I may or may not have already had a stuffed wedding cake one before dinner. SO GOOD. I’ve linked the website in the name if you want to go check them out online.
  • Insta-stories – So I know I’m late to the game, but I just started using Instagram stories today, and it is so fun! I watch Insta-stories all of the time but have never done one of my own. I love how you can draw on them or add your own hashtags or locations. I’ll probably be sticking to these more than Snapchat now. If you’re not following me on Insta, my Instagram name is megculpepper, so come follow along with me! 🙂
  • Ultrasound this week – What I’m most looking forward to this week is our ultrasound on Tuesday. I’m pretty sure it’ll be our last one of baby Logan, and I can’t wait to see him & how big he is now. I’m assuming he will be huge, considering how big my belly is. I can’t believe soon we’ll be having weekly doctor appointments until Logan gets here!
  • Target sale (20% off Merona) – There is a 20% off sale for the Merona women’s clothing line at Target right now with the Cartwheel app or online. We were in Target yesterday & I saw the cutest cold shoulder striped dress, but unfortunately I can not find it online. Definitely going to keep looking though or I might just cave and go back to Target to get it. 😉
  • Target sale (baby stuff) – Target also has another sale going on this week where if you spend $100 on baby items you get a $20 gift or you can spend $250 and get a $50 gift card. I have my eye on some receiving blankets from the Cloud Island line that are super cute and a new car seat for Lucas.

Hope everyone has a great week!

XO Meghan


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