Five Things

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We’ll be doing lots of baby prep in the next few days, considering that we think Logan will probably be here within the next 2 weeks, and we still feel like we have so much to do! I’ve been having more contractions the past couple of days, and I really feel like my body is prepping to labor this baby!

I wanted to start this new series on the blog, because honestly my thoughts are just all scrambled up (preggo brain + mom brain = your brain is cray) and there are lots of things I want to share with you guys but can’t seem to remember to write separate blog posts for everything. So this new series will just be a combo of a lot of things, mainly things that I’m excited about, things I’m loving lately, or just what’s on my mind. Hope you guys enjoy!

oat mama bar

Oat Mama Bars – I saw these lactation bars on Instagram and am so excited to try them out! I nursed Lucas for 5 months and hope to make it even longer this time around. I didn’t worry too much about my supply with Lucas, but I plan to exclusively nurse with Logan, so I’m hoping these bars will make sure my supply stays up. They look delicious, and I’ve heard that they really help.

Trolls – Anyone else’s kids obsessed with the Trolls movie? Yes? Everyone’s? I thought so. It is Lucas’s new favorite movie, and we watched it at least 5-6 times in the past 3 days. He gets so excited every time they start singing & dancing, which if you’ve seen the movie you know is a good chunk of the time. He jumps up & down with every song and loves it so much. He is so silly, and it truly is the best seeing him so happy. Plus the music is suuuuper catchy.


District Donuts – If you live in the New Orleans area or in Baton Rouge, you NEED some District Donuts in your life. The best donuts I have ever had, hands down. They post their flavors daily on Instagram, so you can know what you’re going to get before you even get there. Go check them out! Now Logan wants a donut #preggocravings

it cosmetics bye bye under eye

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer – This is the best concealer I have ever used! It’s a bit more expensive than some concealers ($24) but so worth it. For a tired mama like me, it helps to hide tired eyes & dark circles. I love their brand and think their makeup is amazing! Also their Superhero Mascara…A++

The Bachelorette – Fantasy suites are this week! If you really know me, you know I am not so low-key obsessed with The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. This week it’s down to the Final 3 & they are going to Spain! I really think it’s obvious that Rachel is going to pick Brian in the end, but I am still excited to watch & see if I’m right. Also hello, they’re going to Spain, a place I’d really love to travel to one day *wink wink Brandon* 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed this new series & your weekends 🙂

XO Meghan

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