37 weeks w. baby number two


How far along: 37 weeks

Favorite moment this week: Not going to lie, this has been a tough week, but my favorite moment this week is still how excited Lucas is to meet his little brother. The other morning Lucas got in bed with me to watch some TV after he woke up, and he said that Logan is going to lay in bed with us between me & him. He is SO excited for his little brother to get here, and I am so excited to see them together.

Feeling: Better than last week (thankfully over whatever sickness I had!) but still not great. My mother in law had Lucas for a few days this week, so I was able to get some rest, which I think helped tremendously! Just really ready for Logan to be here & to be able to walk without waddling or lay down without everything hurting. Ahhh, pregnancy can be really hard. But so, so worth it.

Maternity clothes: Basically anything that will cover my belly. I was wearing a t-shirt the other day when we went to the store and ended up pulling it up over my belly in the car but forgot it was like that when we got home. So I got out of the car and walked to our front door with my shirt like that and was just like oops, oh well! #pregnantprobs

Cravings: Chocolate snowball with condensed milk. I could literally eat one of these every day. I don’t know if it’s more of a pregnancy craving or just because it is so. freaking. hot right now.

Movement: Still amazed how much this kid moves. Non-stop. He is getting so big, probs over 6 pounds by now, and you can see basically any & every time he moves. I will never not be fascinated by watching babies move in my belly. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced, even though it’s getting more & more uncomfortable.

Between getting over being sick & also SUPER pregnant in the middle of the summer, I have not been the happiest camper this past week. I ended up having a fever last week & basically sweated it out I think, which was not pleasant at all. Feeling thankful to be healthier this week & ready to labor this baby 🙂

I have been so much more nervous getting closer to this baby’s due date than when I was pregnant with Lucas. I’ve been doing lots of praying, (and overthinking haha) but really just trying to be at peace with the fact that I am really not in control and that God knows what he is doing.

We had our 37 week doctor appointment yesterday, and I’m 2cm dilated now. Slowly but surely! Anyone have any tips on kickstarting labor? I plan on trying to bounce on my yoga ball and eat lots of pineapple & margherita pizza. I remember doing that within the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Lucas & it seemed to work.

Thanks for stopping by! Maybe this will be the last pregnancy update for this pregnancy & next week we’ll have a little newborn? Here’s to hoping!

XO Meghan

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