August Bucket List (Officially baby month!)

Happy Tuesday guys! Can y’all believe that it’s already August?! It’s true what they say, once you have kids the weeks/months/years go by so much more quickly! I feel like it was just January yesterday, and now here we are about to have baby number two. I know life is about to get WAY crazier with two kids, but I’m so excited and ready for this chapter in our lives. And hey, I get to drink wine again soon so if anything, that will help, right?

This is from when we told my parents we were pregnant. I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months!

I was thinking that I want to start making a bucket list for every month. Mom brain is making me so scatterbrained, and there is so much I want to do with my husband/kids/for myself that I feel like if I don’t write it all down, I’ll forget! Hoping if I have my thoughts in one place, it’ll help me remember them and maybe give y’all a good idea or two along the way. 🙂

August Bucket List:

  • HAVE A BABY – Number 1 on the list, obviously! My due date is August 17th, and it’s finally baby month. I am so excited and scared to labor this baby, but I am getting even more excited knowing that we are so close and soon we’ll have a little newborn. I am newborn-obsessed right now!
  • COOK MORE/EAT HEALTHIER – I have really been failing at cooking lately. We also have not been eating the healthiest. It’s more of just what’s easiest right now (which is usually Chick-fil-a or take-out.) After Logan is here, I’m hoping to lose the baby weight quickly and keep our bodies healthy & nourished with good food.
  • SLOW DOWN – Life changes with a newborn, duh. I want to go in to newborn mode knowing that the late night feedings, the exhaustion, and the stage-five clinginess is all just a phase, and I want to enjoy it and savor every moment instead of focusing on how tired I am.
  • HAVE A POST-BABY DATE NIGHT – I know this will be a little difficult with a newborn and a toddler, but I want to make it a point to have at least one date night with Brandon while we’re in the chaos of those first weeks with a newborn. Firm believer in never stop dating your husband 🙌🏻
  • HAVE OUR FIRST FAMILY OUTING AS A FAMILY OF 4 – Even if this is something as simple as going to breakfast at our favorite local breakfast place, which is basically our Saturday morning routine right now. I want to do that within the first few weeks to get out of the house and try not to worry too much about how much effort it takes to get two kids out of the house!
  • WINE – Not going to lie, I have craved wine this entire pregnancy. I know some people say it’s okay to have a glass every now and then when pregnant, but I have not had a sip, and I am VERY MUCH looking forward to that first glass.
  • CLEAN OUT MY CLOSET – I want to put away the maternity clothes, go through all of my clothes, and organize my closet (which is pretty tiny) to where it’s easy to grab clothes that I are easy to nurse in & help me look put together when I leave the house. I know I’m not going to have much time to get ready to go anywhere with a toddler & a newborn, so I want to make things as easy for myself as possible.
  • SET TIME ASIDE FOR LUCAS – I’ve been feeling less guilty about splitting my time between my two boys because of how excited Lucas is for his little brother. He is literally the sweetest and will kiss & hug my belly and talk to Logan, and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I don’t want Lucas to be upset about not being the only child anymore and not having our undivided attention, so I want to have a few special little dates for him to let him know how much we love him & how special he is to us, even if he has to share us with Logan.

So there it is, my August bucket list. I know it’s not traveling across the country or a lot of super exciting stuff that you would think about when you think of a bucket list, but it’s things that I feel like will be super important this month as our lives make a huge transition. What are some things on your bucket list for August? I hope everyone makes it a great month! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! XO Meghan

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