38 weeks w. baby number two

How far along: 38 weeks!

Favorite moment this week: How much love Lucas has been giving his little brother already. He kisses & hugs my belly every day and is always including Logan in his prayers and when he talks about our family. This morning Lucas was playing on his tablet and wanted to show Logan the video he was watching, so he brought it up to my belly and said “Look, Logan!” so. stinking. cute.

Feeling: Lots of feelings. Mostly just ready to labor this baby! I’ve been very nervous about labor this time around, but I think now that I’m so far along & SO UNCOMFORTABLE, I’m just ready to do it! Super tired all of the time & can barely walk.

Maternity clothes: Not buying any more maternity clothes at this point, but I did buy a couple of things from Target for after baby (I had a gift card, hubby!) including this cute off the shoulder gingham top that I saw on one of my favorite blogs, Somewhere, Lately.

Cravings: Margherita pizza & Chick-fil-A. All day, every day. I have not been in the mood to cook, and we’ve had a lot more take-out than I’d like to admit these past couple of weeks. Ready to start cooking & eating healthy again after baby gets here.

Movement: Y’all, this boy NEVER stops. The other day either his elbow or knee was like jutting out of my belly, and he rolled like across my whole stomach. So amazing to see but it’s definitely starting to hurt. Pretty sure this guy is making his way to 8 pounds pretty quickly.

Just wanted to give a quick little bump update this week. We had our doctor appointment Wednesday, and I had not really made any progress, but today I’ve had a lot more contractions and they’ve been closer together. I’m hoping that means he’s getting ready to make his appearance in the next few days! Until then you can find me trying to get as much rest as possible, eating ALL THE SNOBALLS, and probably watching Trolls 5 million times with my baby until he isn’t the baby anymore. ALL THE FEELS.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

XO Meghan


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