Thoughts on Labor & Delivery

It’s the Final Countdown! (my husband has been singing this the past couple of days)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! So far, I’ve spent most of this weekend contracting & wondering “Am I in labor?” These last few weeks of pregnancy keep you on your toes, for sure. I think it’s just another way of nature preparing you for a newborn, always having to be on your toes! I’ve had A LOT more contractions this weekend, and they are slowly but surely getting more intense. I really think Logan will be here within the next few days, but I say that & watch me go all the way to my due date, which is August 17th.

baby belly
Honestly, how much bigger could this belly get though?

As I’ve said before, I have been much more nervous about labor & delivery this pregnancy than I was while I was pregnant with Lucas. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t really been able to rest this time around like I could with my first pregnancy so I just feel physically exhausted already (welcome to being pregnant with a toddler) or if it’s because I really had such a great experience with labor & delivery for Lucas that I’m worried this time it won’t go as smoothly.

With Lucas, I labored mostly without an epidural until right after my water broke, and they were like “either get the epidural now or you’re not getting one.” I was very happy with that because I felt like I never experienced a contraction I couldn’t handle and everything went well with my epidural, besides a little shaking from what I remember. But I never really felt scared or like I couldn’t handle labor. I’m hoping this time I just get in the zone, and it will all come naturally for me again.

I saw a quote today that really resonated with me right now in the days before labor, you can and you will. Labor & delivery can be a scary thing. There is so much unknown to every birth that you can’t really be sure of anything, except that God is there with you. You can get through even the hardest contraction, and no matter how long it takes, you will birth that baby. I’m feeling much more confident now than I have in the past few weeks that this labor & delivery will go exactly as God has planned it and that I can handle it.

Our little man will be here so soon, and I’m trying to remember to truly appreciate the miracle of pregnancy even during the hard last few days & weeks of it. Our bodies are seriously so incredible for giving babies life and bringing them in to the world. I feel so grateful to be pregnant a second time and to have two little boys to call me mama forever. Y’all, pregnancy hormones in full force over here!

What are some tips that y’all have for labor & delivery? I love hearing other women’s encouraging birth stories. Like I said before, our bodies are seriously so incredible for carrying babies for 9 months and then just like that – BOOM! – birthing them in to the world. Would love to hear what has helped other mamas out during labor & delivery!

Thanks for stopping by! XO Meghan

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