Third Trimester Must Haves

Hi guys! Still pregnant over here. I’ve been contracting pretty consistently for a solid 3 days now. We even went in to the hospital on Sunday when I started contracting consistently, about every 7 minutes. We ended up getting sent home after they had me walk up and down the halls for about an hour, and obviously that was the right decision since Logan has not decided to make his appearance yet. I’m wondering if all of these contractions I’ve been having mean that the time I’m actually in labor will be very short, since I don’t remember having contractions like this for Lucas during the days leading up to his birth. Whatever the reason is, all of this contracting with no baby to show for it yet is driving me a little nuts!

Anyway, I figure I’d do a round up of a few things I think are must-haves during the third trimester. I feel like all of these things have helped me out in some way the past 3 months, and hopefully they will help out some other mamas too! I’d also love to hear what other moms feel like have helped them out during the third trimester šŸ™‚

third trimester must haves.001

  1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow – I ordered the green one from Amazon when it was having a really good sale, because most pregnancy pillows are SUPER expensive (the white one is on sale right now from Amazon for $38 and free 2-day shipping for Prime members!) This pillow has saved my sleep during the third trimester. Even though I’m not sleeping great, I probably wouldn’t be sleeping at all without this pillow.
  2. vitafusion Prenatal vitamins – Prenatal vitamins are so important throughout your whole pregnancy. I have tried a few different prenatals throughout both of my pregnancies, but these have been my favorite. I linked them through GNC, but I’ve also found them at Walgreens and Target, and I’m sure they’re probably at most drugstores.
  3. LC Lauren Conrad Firefli Women’s Sandals – I have worn these sandals basically my whole pregnancy. I have them in 3 different colors, and they are so easy to slip on. I think once you get to the third trimester slip-on shoes are an essential. I couldn’t even imagine trying to bend down to put on socks and sneakers right now or buckle up sandals.
  4. Honest Beauty Everything Primer – My skin has been so sensitive the last month or so (thanks pregnancy hormones!) I’ve been trying to be more conscious of what makeup/skincare products I’ve been using. I recently tried the Honest Beauty trial through their website, where they send you trial size products to try before you buy for less than $6, and I fell in love with this primer. My skin looks better after just using it for a few days, and it makes my skin so soft and more even-toned.
  5. The Honest Company Belly Balm – We all know that our skin gets stretched out during pregnancy. This time around, I really feel like my belly can not possibly stretch anymore. To prevent stretch marks, it’s important to keep your belly hydrated and to put a moisturizing balm or lotion on, especially during the last few months when it stretches the most.
  6. Yoga Ball – I’ve been using my yoga ball to bounce on and roll my hips around to try and get baby out! It helps take some relief off of your hips and sometimes makes it easier to sit down. I’m going to keep trying to bounce this baby out, and hopefully it will work soon!


I hope some of these things can help some other mamas out! I know the third trimester can be difficult, but it’s all so worth it! I can’t wait for our little man to be here.

Thanks for stopping by! XO Meghan

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