39 weeks w. baby number two

I really did not think that I’d still be pregnant at 39 weeks, but here I am, still pregnant! Lucas came 3 days past his due date, so who knows?! Maybe I’ll still be pregnant at this time next week! Not going to lie though, I hope that I’ll have a newborn in my arms by that time instead.

How far along: 39 weeks

Favorite moment this week: Lucas has been running up to my belly and going “Hey Logan, hey Logan, hey Logan!” in the cutest little voice. I love to see how much he loves his little brother already.

Feeling: Driving the struggle bus. The last few weeks of pregnancy are no joke on your body. Everything hurts, I’m never comfortable, and I’m always so hot! (thanks Louisiana summer heat)

Maternity clothes: Clothes are basically a joke right now. My belly has dropped, and not even my big t-shirts are covering my whole belly. I’m so ready to be back in normal clothes!

Cravings: Everything sweet. Ice cream, donuts, snoballs, chocolate. Give me all the sweets!

Movement: This little guy is still rocking & rolling in there. He is constantly moving, and now that he is so big (I’m thinking he’s gotta be close to 8 pounds if not more than that by now) it’s so easy to see it across my whole belly every time that he moves!

We were in the hospital on Sunday for a little false alarm, thinking that I was in labor when actually I wasn’t. I started having pretty consistent (7-10 minutes apart) contractions that were more intense, so we went in thinking it could be the real thing! Obviously it wasn’t. I’m just worried that this time, being my second baby, it’s going to go so fast that I won’t have time for an epidural! Especially now, since I have literally been contracting since this past Sunday, 5 whole days, I think this kid is going to come so fast once I actually go in to labor. I was 3cm dilated at my appointment on Wednesday, and his head is further down so at least there was some progress!

My emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE right now. I almost cried earlier when they were out of whoopie pies at Starbucks. I’ve never even had one! But it looked so good and it just made me want to cry because they were out. Y’all…pregnancy hormones really get you good. I’m just also really frustrated with how this week has gone. With all of the contractions I’ve had and still not going in to labor is very emotionally and physically exhausting. I’m hoping I can just pull myself together and suck it up so I can go in to labor with a kick ass attitude. If anything, this past week has basically put any fears of labor that I had aside, and now I feel ready to push through any pain just to have our little man here with us.

Hopefully for my 40 week update I’ll have a newborn picture to share with you guys! 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

XO Meghan

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