What I’ve learned the first week home w. two kids

Y’all, how come no one told me that two kids would be so hard?! Kidding…kind of πŸ˜‰

I thought it would be fun to do little weekly updates postpartum, kind of like my pregnancy weekly updates, to look back on and remember once my kids are older. (crying just thinking about that…postpartum hormones are basically the same as pregnancy. Yay!) Also, hopefully you guys enjoy reading the weekly updates!

The first week back at home has definitely been an adjustment. Although it really seems as though Logan has already been part of our family forever and we had just been waiting on him to join us, now we have two kids to take care of! Some nights as soon as we finally get Logan to sleep, Lucas will wake up. I know you can’t really have newborns on a schedule, but I’m being optimistic and hoping we get our little buddy on some type of schedule soon.

Lucas has done SO GREAT becoming a big brother. He says that Logan is his best friend (heart melting) and he always wants to be right next to Logan. When Logan cries, he runs up to him and says “It’s going be okay, Logan!” Literally the sweetest, and I am so proud of the awesome big brother he is.

Logan’s sleep is super erratic. The first couple of days back at home, we got a few 5 hour stretches which was amazing! Now, we get a couple of 3 hour stretches in 24 hours, but mostly between 1-3 hours. But when he’s up, all he wants to do is nurse. All day. All night. Whenever he’s awake, I can maybe get like a 30 minute break in between nursing but that’s about it. I’m so thankful that I get to nurse him and that he’s doing so well, but man! It is exhausting.

We have yet to attempt a big outing (when I say big outing I mean like to Target) as a family of 4 yet. We did all go to Logan’s newborn photo session yesterday morning. Lucas got in a few pictures, and it was the cutest! Logan did so good, until he pooped everywhere πŸ˜‚ I can’t wait to see all of the pictures though!

So, to wrap things up…what I’ve learned during the first week home with two kids:

  • We’ll probably never sleep again
  • When you’re alone with one kid it seems like alone time
  • Driving to Starbucks 5 minutes away by yourself feels like a mini vacation
  • Have ALL OF THE SNACKS easily accessible
  • Nursing can feel like a job sometimes, but is one of my favorite parts of having a newborn
  • Having family close by to help can be your saving grace at times
  • Never take showering for granted
  • You’ll miss your oldest while you’re giving your new baby all of the attention he/she needs
  • Having two boys is exhausting, yet always entertaining
  • Two little boys have stolen by heart, and I don’t think I’ll ever get it back
  • I’m beyond thankful for their daddy and couldn’t do this without him (even though I already knew thatπŸ’•)

Hope you guys enjoyed this! We plan on having a pretty busy weekend, maybe even getting all 4 of us out of the house! Exciting stuff! πŸ™‚ have a great weekend!

XO Meghan

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