Nursing friendly options from Abercrombie

Hi guys! Having a newborn who nurses basically around the clock, I’ve been trying to find some more nursing friendly options to wear when we’re out & about. I recently rediscovered Abercrombie thanks to following some awesome mom bloggers on Instagram, and they actually have a lot of nursing friendly clothes! I don’t necessarily like clothes that are made for nursing. I feel like a lot of those options are a little frumpy or are just obviously made for maternity/nursing. I’ve been looking for clothes that aren’t technically made for nursing but are easy to nurse in, such as dresses and shirts that have buttons or are easy to pull down. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with Abercrombie lately, and they have been having a lot of good sales so the dresses are usually under $30!

abercrombie dress

Short Sleeve Shirt Dress – I wore this dress to a baby shower, and it was so easy to nurse in! Super cute and versatile as well. It’s also one of the most comfortable dresses I’ve ever worn! When it gets cooler in the fall, it will be so easy to throw on a cardigan over it. It also comes in two other colors.

abercrombie dress2

Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt Dress – I haven’t bought this dress yet, but I definitely have my eye on it. It looks as though it’s very similar to the first dress, just a different pattern. The buttons make for very nursing friendly, and what’s easier than a dress to throw on to look put together! This dress also comes in white.

abercrombie dress3

Button Up Eyelet Dress – I haven’t purchased this one yet either, but I saw it on one of my favorite mom bloggers to follow, Lynzy & Co. It is really cute, and I think it would be very easy to style for the fall. Also, another dress with buttons to make it nursing friendly! This dress is another one that comes in two other colors as well.

So there are three options from Abercrombie that would be super easy to nurse in. I never thought that I’d go back to Abercrombie clothes after high school, but here I am! They’re quickly becoming a big part of my momiform. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

XO Meghan


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