Fall Bucket List

It’s finally fall! (Even though it’s still pretty consistently 80-90 degrees here most days) Bring on all the pumpkin spice lattes, cardigans, football, and all of the other amazing things that come with the change of the season. Also, Logan got his first bottle the other night *cue all the tears from mama* My baby is growing up! Lucas got to help, and you can really tell in the picture above that he took it v. seriously.

Fall is my favorite season #basic There’s just all of the things happening in the fall. I’m very excited for the first new season with BOTH of my babies…still can’t believe I’m a mom of two now. My birthday is coming up, as well as our wedding anniversary and then Brandon’s birthday. Fall is just full of fun things for our little fam, and there’s something about watching football on Sundays that make the weekends even better. I’m in my first fantasy football league this year, and I even beat my husband already! (Love you babe!)

I wanted to put together a fall bucket list to, if anything, remind myself of the things I want to do, because mom brain is SO real, and hopefully inspire someone else’s fall bucket list.

  • Pumpkin patch – I LOVED taking Lucas to the pumpkin patch the past two years to let him pick out his own pumpkin and can’t wait to take him & his little brother this year. When Lucas was a baby, we dressed him up in pumpkin jammies when we went – he was so cute! Fun fact: when I was a baby there was a picture of me in the local newspaper at the pumpkin patch.
  • Family Halloween costumes – It’s our first Halloween as a family of four, and I am so torn between what our Halloween costumes will be this year. Last year we were the Flintstones, and Lucas made THE BEST Bam Bam. This year we’re either thinking Minions or Trolls.
  • Get outside more – Y’all, this summer has been brutal with the heat. I haven’t wanted to go outside much, which is hard because Lucas would play outside all day long if he could. I definitely want to get outside more with the boys, whether it’s in the backyard or to the park.
  • Decorate the house – I love decorating the house for different seasons, and by November I’m basically begging Brandon to let me decorate for Christmas. I really need to get on the ball and decorate for fall. I’ve found a bunch of cute fall decor at the Target dollar spot, I just need to make the time to put it up!
  • Date nights – Having a toddler and a newborn, Brandon and I have yet to be able to have a date night. This is hard, because I fully believe that dating your husband is important ALWAYS. I really want to try to make an effort to have date night once a week, even if it consists of playing a game or watching a movie after the boys finally go to bed at night.
  • Go to the zoo – We went to the zoo in New Orleans for Lucas’s first birthday, and he LOVED it. I really don’t know if we’ve been back since though. When it gets a little cooler outside, I’m hoping to take both of the boys!
  • Friday Night Lights (football game) – We really want to try to take the boys to my high school’s football game one week. Lucas was scared of all of the noise last year, but we’re hoping he’ll do better this year. My younger cousin is in the band there now, so I’m hoping that will help Lucas do better. Not worried about Logan because so far he seems to be used to loud noises (looking at you, big brother) Fingers crossed!
  • Go to a fair – One of the schools/churches in town has a fair every October. Lucas has been scared of the noise the past couple of years, but hoping this year will be different, because I think he’d really enjoy it at his age.
  • Play more tennis – I used to play tennis ALL. THE. TIME. (that’s how Brandon & I met) but then you know, kids. I really want to get back in to the swing of things though, and I’m hoping that will happen this fall. I go back to the doctor for my 6 week postpartum visit, so I’m hoping to get the okay to start working out again!

tennis with Dad

So, that’s my fall bucket list! I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things because, like I said before, mom brain is so real. Hope you guys enjoyed reading along! Happy Fall, everyone! Go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte πŸ™‚

I also wanted to mention that my favorite way to increase/keep up your milk supply if you’re nursing, the Oat Mama bars, have a seasonal flavor available now – Pumpkin Pecan. It is SOO good, y’all. If you’re a nursing mama, definitely check them out!

XO Meghan

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