Five Things: This Week

It’s been quite the whirlwind over here lately. Lucas has been running around like a tornado, and Logan usually wakes up between 1-2 hours almost every night. We are TIRED over here! But, I know I’m going to miss these days once my boys are grown, so I’m really trying to soak it all up and just remember that eventually we’ll sleep again.

  1. Baby boy // Logan started cooing/talking this week 😍 I also got a few of smiles out of him today! he’ll be 6 weeks old on Tuesday. Literally obsessed with that little chunk. He’s getting big so fast, much faster than I remember Lucas chunking up. I’m attributing it to how freakin’ much he eats.
  2. Big brother // Lucas made a fall wreath at Mother’s Day Out this week, and when he brought it home he said he made it for Logan then put it on Logan’s pack & play. He is the sweetest big brother, and it just melted me.img_9644
  3. Date night // We got a date night this weekend (our littlest nugget tagged along of course) thanks to my parents. We went to Olive Garden and Target, and our little guy was such a champ and slept the whole time. I even got a glass of Roscato at dinner 🙌🏻 the best wine ever.
  4. Cat & Jack Romper/Jumpsuit // I had been eyeing down this super cute romper the past two times I’ve been in Target and finally scooped it up during our date night last night. You can currently get 10% off of Cat & Jack with the Cartwheel App.Target jumpsuit
  5. Meal Planning // I have really fallen behind on cooking & meal planning since Logan was born (honestly a few weeks before that) but I want to get back to cooking more often, so I’ve been looking to Pinterest for some inspiration. I see a lot of quinoa salads in our future. Come follow along with me – my Pinterest handle is megculpepper


Hope everyone has a great week! We have what seems like a pretty busy week ahead of us, and I’m ready to get more organized/on top of things. Also my birthday is next Sunday – so here’s to my last week of being 26!

Thanks for stopping by! XO Meghan

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