Life Lately: Family Update

At Logan’s 2 month appointment, the doctor heard a heart murmur. I freaked out. Apparently heart murmurs are fairly common in babies his age, but who knew? Not me, that’s for sure. Have any of you had experiences with heart murmurs in your babies? Since finding out about Logan’s, I have had a few people talk about the same thing in their babies. Like I said, apparently it’s pretty common, which was comforting to know that it wasn’t some super abnormal thing.

Before his pediatrician even said anything, she had been listening to his heart for a little longer than normal and my stomach sank. I felt like she was about to tell us something that I didn’t want to hear. After she stopped listening & told us what she heard, I immediately started googling heart murmurs before the appointment was even over. You never want to hear that something isn’t normal at your child’s doctor appointment, but his pediatrician reassured me that she did not think it was anything to worry about. She did say to make a follow up appointment with a pediatric cardiologist whenever we could, but no rush. I made an appointment for the next week.

baby's first football game
Logan’s first SHS football game!

This past Friday, we had Logan’s appointment with the pediatric cardiologist. Honestly, I started crying before the appointment even started. In a glass case full of emotions over here. The nurses and doctor told us that it was probably nothing to worry about, that they just wanted to make sure everything was okay for peace of mind. The doctor came in to listen to his heart. I was hoping that he would just listen to his heart, that it would sound normal, and we’d be on our merry way, but he heard the murmur as well. So our little guy got hooked up to a bunch of wires for his EKG, and he did amazing! Not even one cry. So proud of him, but how scary is it to see your sweet, little 2 month old hooked up to a bunch of wires. The nurse continued to reassure me that nothing they would be doing at this appointment would hurt him at all.

After his EKG, we went to another room for his ultrasound. I had flashbacks of being in my doctor’s office not that long ago getting ultrasounds to see our little man in my belly, which even writing that now is making me emotional. It was kind of surreal to go from those ultrasounds to this new ultrasound, making sure that our baby’s heart is okay. He cried some during his ultrasound, but it took a while to do, so I expected a few tears out of it. Shrek was playing on a TV in the room, which I found comforting because Shrek is one of the few movies Lucas has been in to watching.

After his ultrasound was over we went in to a new room to wait for the doctor to come tell us the results. The doctor came in and told us that our little man has a small hole in his heart. SO SCARY to hear, but apparently it is also rather common in babies his age. The doctor told us that he does not think it will negatively affect Logan in any way and that he thinks it will end up closing on its own, but we do have to go back in a year to check on it. Not exactly the diagnosis I was hoping for because of course I was just hoping to hear that everything was 100% normal, but I am SO SO thankful that it was nothing too serious that would involve more testing. It was honestly one of the scariest weeks leading up to this appointment, not knowing what was going on with our baby. Of course knowing that he has a small hole in his heart still has me worried, but the doctor told us that we shouldn’t worry. With Logan’s jaundice in the first couple days after he was born and now finding out about his heart murmur and the small hole, I am just feeling even more thankful for our babies & their health. It is something I’ll never take for granted. I know that God is watching over our little man & I know that he’s going to be okay.

We did have a really great family weekend this past weekend after finding out our baby is okay on Friday. We took the boys to my high school’s homecoming football game. Lucas loved it this year (we took him the past two years and he was scared of the noise) and Logan did so well! He stayed up most of the time without being fussy. I had to nurse him behind a building, helping me feel WAY old. We ventured out to the Old Town Soda Shop on Sunday. I’ve been going there since I was a kid, even had a birthday party or two there, and Brandon’s dad used to take him when he was a kid. I got the s’mores & the dark chocolate ice cream – so dang good! Lucas was really excited to be there with us & Brandon’s dad. It’s such a special thing to be able to share something with our boys that both of us used to do when we were younger. What are some of your favorite traditions to share with your kids?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thank you for all of your thoughts & prayers for our little guy & everyone’s who has checked in on him 🙂 We appreciate them so much!!

Thanks for stopping by! XO Meghan

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