Logan @ Five Months + A Little Bit of Postpartum

5 months already. I can’t handle how quickly my baby boy is growing up. Anyone else feel me?! Time seriously passes in the blink of an eye once you have kids. This past month has been crazy busy & hectic and has seemed to fly by. We had a little bit of a health scare with our little man that included a trip to Children’s Hospital and a CT scan, but thankfully everything came back normal. This kid likes to scare his mama. It was no doubt one of the scariest moments I’ve had since becoming a mom. I will never take my babies’ health for granted, and I’m just so thankful that I have two healthy boys.



Weight // A whopping 16.6 pounds! I don’t even think Lucas weighed twenty pounds on his first birthday (that might be wrong #mombrain) but this little chunk is wasting no time. So happy that he’s right on track for gaining weight.

Sleeping // NOT a good sleeper. At all. Since his one month check up, his doctor has been asking us if he sleeps through the night and the answer has always been not at all. He would have 6-7 hour stretches very rarely, like I could probably count on my two hands how many times that’s happened. Well, the past week we started sleep training, and it is freaking hard but he has had 9-10+ hour stretches in his crib since doing so. We are trying to let him cry it out, but man is it hard! Most of the time we are in there with him, patting his butt or rubbing his back. I’ve ended up picking him up because I couldn’t take it anymore (I know some of you mamas out there can relate!) but only did so for a couple of minutes to soothe him and put him back in his crib. I’m hoping he is getting used to being in his crib and the crying will stop soon and he will just fall asleep in his crib. That’s the goal!

Breastfeeding // He still nurses A LOT every day. He’s always been a champ at nursing. I am so happy because at this point with Lucas, we were completely done nursing, and he was taking formula. I stopped nursing Lucas 3 days before he turned 5 months old, and I am seriously so proud of myself and Logan that we are still breastfeeding past 5 months old. I plan to nurse him until his first birthday. So far, so good! I haven’t had any problems with my supply, but I’ve been trying to incorporate more oatmeal in to my diet to make sure my supply stays up. Especially with him sleeping longer stretches at night, I don’t want my supply to dip.

Milestones // He is eating so much baby food. So far we’ve tried butternut squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, peas, prunes, and pears, and he’s eaten it all! Also oatmeal, but only made with breast milk because he refuses it when it’s made with formula. He’s also started to push his butt up and try to scoot on his knees when he’s on his belly. He’ll be crawling before we know it! He is growing up so fast! He hardly ever stays on his back anymore when you lay him down, basically rolls over as soon as he touches the floor/crib. Also babbling dada and mama lately, but I don’t really think he knows what he’s saying yet. Brandon swears that his first word was Dada, but I definitely think his first word will be Lucas.




Y’all, not going to lie, this past month has been a bit of a rough one for me. As a mom, I have never felt more fulfilled. Actually, just as a person, I have never felt more fulfilled or more purposeful than I do right now. With that though, comes a lot of stress, especially with the health scares that we’ve had with Logan. NOTHING has ever been as scary as having to take him to Children’s Hospital for them to do a CT scan on his head. As soon as his pediatrician told us that, I couldn’t stop crying. I am SO thankful that everything turned out normal and that our little guy is healthy. I have so much separation anxiety with him right now though. I haven’t been away from him for more than a few hours since realizing that he refuses bottles back in October, and anytime I’m away from him even for an hour I get antsy and constantly want to check on him even though I know he’s okay. It’s something I really need to work on. I’ve also been dealing with the dreaded postpartum hair loss, which I’ve read peaks between 3-6 months PP, so I’m right in the thick of it (wishing it was my hair that would be staying thick.) Mamas, what tips and tricks do y’all have to combat this?! Every time I dry my hair and see all the hair on the floor I get so discouraged! I know that it’ll grow back, but I have such a complex with my hair being long and thick that it stresses me out. Basically when it comes to myself lately, I’m just a big mess. Really going to work on it in the next few months and try to get it together to feel better about myself as me and not just as a mom. I think it’s so important to have a balance (HA what’s that?) between mom life and you as well. What do y’all do for some me time to feel like a normal human being after a long day of mommin’?

Speaking of mommin’ one of my FAVE brands that I found on Instagram, Ezra + Eli, is having a sale right now on their apparel. I have a couple of their shirts, and they are SO soft and super cute. I love throwing on their “MOM LIFE” shirt with some leggings & sneakers for an easy momiform. Y’all should go check them out!


Hope you guys are enjoying these monthly updates + a little extra postpartum insight today. Enjoy your weekends & stay safe with the crazy weather across the country lately!

Thanks for stopping by! XO Meghan


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