Logan @ Seven Months

Officially closer to being a year old to the day he was born. Never going back. As chaotic and hectic as those newborn days are, I miss them already. Is that crazy?! Am I crazy? Haha. In the beginning you are constantly figuring out your new normal with a new baby in the mix, but is there anything sweeter than newborn snuggles? Not quite sure. I am LOVING Lo’s little personality lately though. Thankfully he still loves to snuggle, which is my absolute fave. He is so funny and has started to scrunch up his little nose and snort when he thinks something is funny. It is the cutest, and I love it SO MUCH.

He is too big for his bouncer now but loved that thing for as long as he could. Definitely invest in a bouncer if you’re about to have a baby! We actually received his bouncer as a hand-me-down, and it’s a Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer. He bounced the heck out of that thing! I plan on doing a blog post with different things that really helped us during the birth-6 month time period, and that bouncer is on the top of the list!


Weight // Unfortunately we had to go to the doctor because little buddy had his first ear infection last week, but they did weigh him and he weighs 18lb 8oz now! It makes sense because he LOVES to nurse & eat baby food. There’s only been one or two things that he hasn’t really seemed to like. Other than that, any baby food we’ve given him he eats it all up!

Sleeping // Y’all….NEVER DID I EVER think that 7 months in this kid would still be waking up basically every 2-3 hours every night. I don’t know if it’s because he has refused pacifiers that he wakes up to nurse for comfort to go back to sleep? Lucas was not a great sleeper, but I remember him at least throwing us a bone and giving us like 6 hours of sleep. Still not quite sure how I’m functioning.

Breastfeeding // Still at it! He definitely gets much more distracted now. So if he hears someone talking or his brother playing he’ll take himself off to watch, but we are going strong with no signs of stopping yet. My supply seems to be staying up, which I guess how often he nurses helps with that. The plan is still to nurse until he’s a year old.

Milestones // He actually had his first little crawl a couple days after he turned 7 months old. It’s more like an army crawl/scoot but it happened and I’m freaking out about all of the things we need to baby proof in this house and Lo trying to get ahold of big brother’s toys. Lots of babbling. Da-das, Ma-mas, and sometimes it even sounds like he’s trying to say brother. He had his first ear infection. Not really a milestone, but a first. He really only acted like he felt sick overnight and into the morning when we brought him to the doctor, then he was back to being his happy self! He’s still a little wobbly with sitting on his own. He loves being on his belly or in his walker/jumper. Lucas got a little trampoline from his cousin and recently Logan has been trying to jump in his walker when he sees Lucas on the trampoline. It is so cute, but I can already tell those two are going to be double trouble!



Always trying to find balance but I’m pretty sure it’s nonexistent. I’m really just trying to soak up all of the babyness before I blink and my baby will be a toddler! I watched an old video of Lucas from Mother’s Day last year recently, and it really just hit me in the feels. He seemed so little, and now he’s basically an adult. Okay, not really but he just seems so grown now! He is so smart (too smart for his own good sometimes) and has that threenager attitude, and I’m all like where did my baby go?! I know that will happen all too quickly with Lo as well. Don’t get me wrong, the toddler stage is so fun, but I feel like I literally just birthed Lucas and soon enough he’ll be in Kindergarten! Time really does go by so much more quickly once you have kids. I don’t know what all of that has to do with a mama update except for the fact that I’m just super emotional about my babies growing up. I also had to miss one of my best friends’ bachelorette trips since Logan has really just started to drink out of a sippy cup after always refusing bottles. As much as I was disappointed that I couldn’t go, I really don’t think I was mentally ready to be too far away from my baby, especially for more than a few hours. It’s so funny how different things are with each child. I guess with Lucas because he was taking bottles and we got married and went on our honeymoon when he was 5 months old, I did not have quite as much separation anxiety as I have with Lo. I wonder if this will get better/easier after he starts spending the night with grandparents.


I can’t believe the past seven months have come and gone so quickly! Really trying to soak up every second and just be in the present. I know soon enough our little baby will be a year old!

Do y’all have babies? If you do, how old are they and what’s been your favorite stage so far? I love hearing about other people’s journeys through parenthood. I honestly believe that children are God’s greatest blessing 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! XO Meghan

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