Logan @ Eight Months

Let me start this post by saying I realize that Lo is about to be 9 months old, yet I’m just getting around to posting his 8 month update. Here’s the thing though…I had this almost fully finished and then this happened and that happened and somehow here I am weeks later and realizing I never actually posted it, and it’s almost time for his 9 month update! TIME. FREAKING. FLIES. But I really am going to try to start pushing myself to do a better job at keeping up with everything. Hope you guys enjoy this (late) monthly update in the mean time 🙂

HOW DID WE GET HERE SO. DANG. QUICK?! I am having a hard time accepting the fact that our little man will be a year old in four short months. I don’t know if it’s something about the second kid, but I am refusing to believe that soon enough he will be walking, talking, eating big boy food. Why do they have to grow up so fast? Our little Lo is the sweetest, snuggliest little soul, and I literally miss him the second I’m away from him.


Weight // 20 lbs.

Sleeping // We actually got a few sleeping nights out of him lately! He slept from 9ish-4AM the other night and it was AMAZING. He’s given us a couple of 5-6 hour nights as well, and it’s literally amazing what a solid 4-5 hours of sleep in a row can do for a sleep-deprived mom! I’m hoping we’re on the up&up in the sleep department, but now I’m nervous that I jinxed us. I’ll keep y’all updated.

Breastfeeding // We are still going strong, and it makes me so so proud. Seriously, nursing Lo for the past eight months has been one of my biggest accomplishments of life. Lately it’s been getting more difficult with him getting distracted. If big brother is in the room with us, forget it. Lo pops off every few seconds because what big bro is doing is way more interesting.

Milestones // He LOVES to play peek a boo. He started playing on his own one night when we were eating dinner at Olive Garden. He picked up a napkin off the table, and that was it! Anything he can get his hands on…a blanket, a napkin, a jacket…you can bet that it will be over his eyes within a minute & he’ll be trying to play peek a boo with you. Lo can also wave now and babbles all of the time. He says dada, mama, and bubba (which Lucas decided that’s what he wants to be called.) Lo also started eating puffs and loves them! No teeth yet though. Lucas got his first teeth I think 4 days before he turned 8 months old. Still none for Lo yet, which is honestly fine by me because I’m a little scared for when the teeth come…you know, in the nursing department.


If you’re a mom, how old are your baby/babies? I love connecting with other moms on here, and since becoming a mom I love hearing about other babies/kids/mamas as well! Hope you guys are having a great week!

XO Meghan



2 thoughts on “Logan @ Eight Months

    1. Thanks so much! I love looking back on his monthly updates to see how much he’s grown. Unfortunately I missed blogging the past two months, but plan to get his 11 month update soon! Time really flies by so fast!!


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