Summertime & the Living Ain’t Exactly Easy

Wow, you guys, hey! Unintentionally, I’ve somehow managed to take some time off from blogging lately. Life has been busy/cray the past couple of months, and I just couldn’t seem to keep up with everything. Having two kids is hard work. Even though it is THE ABSOLUTE BEST work, it’s still hard. Summertime is great, but it also means very little time to get anything done, because I’m always changing a diaper or nursing or getting some juice or turning on Despicable Me for the millionth time or playing with play doh…you get the idea. I was also sick for like 3 straight weeks in May (dang allergies) which was super unhelpful as well. But I’m back and plan to be better than ever!

Our little man is a few days shy of being 11 months old now – AH! In a little over a month we’ll have a one year old. I am NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT ready. I know I’ve missed out on his 9 and 10 month blog posts, but I’m hoping to have his 11 month update done by the time he’s 11 months old…in a few days. Wish me luck (and also send me all of your time management tips too please!)

This past year has flown by. Why is it that the first year with your second babe goes by so much faster than the first year with your first? Anyone else feel that way? Probably because with two kids you’re literally just busy 24/7.

Q: How hard is it to get a family pic with everyone looking & smiling? A: HARD.

I think we’re finally getting in to our summertime groove. We ended up taking a last minute trip to Orange Beach back in June, best decision we’ve made this summer. The boys had so much fun, and Lucas keeps asking to go back to the beach. I’ve been going to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach since I was a kid, and I plan on getting a blog post up with my favorite things to do there with/without kids soon for anyone traveling there anytime soon!

This splash pad in OB is a must! Lucas has been going since he was one and has always loved it. Also, it’s free!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I have so many things I still want to do with the kids before both of my babies start PRE-K & Mother’s Day Out in the fall. I love hearing about what’s on other people’s bucket lists, so what’s on your summer bucket list?

Thanks so much for stopping by! XO Meghan

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