Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (3 days away!) and I am scrambling to get it together, as per usual. One of these years I’ll get better at my preparing ahead of time…maybe.

baby valentineLike most things in life, Valentine’s Day is even better when you have kids of your own! I’ve always been a big fan of February 14th, but it’s even more fun since becoming a mom. Granted, Brandon and I really only had one Valentine’s Day to ourselves before we found out we were expecting our first baby, so naturally we don’t really celebrate by getting all fancy and going out to eat, because who has time for that with two toddlers?! The first Valentine’s Day we were together, we had just started saying “I love you” to each other, and Brandon made me chocolate covered strawberries and cooked me dinner. It was such a sweet gesture and something I will always remember!

Since having kids, I love to use the day as an excuse to EXTRA spoil them. I say extra because let’s be honest, they are pretty spoiled on the daily already. Lucas still sleeps with a dinosaur stuffed animal we got him on his first Valentine’s Day, and I think it’s so special!IMG_6751

I’m a sucker for heart shaped everything, so I really like to get in the spirit for this holiday. We have special Valentine’s plates, cookie cutters, lights, decorations. I think since Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, we’ll probably get some heart shaped donuts for breakfast and do a family game night or something. We’re actually trying out Hello Fresh for the first time this week, so one of our meals will be on Valentine’s Day. I plan on getting a review up the following week of our first impressions and experience with Hello Fresh, so if you’re interested in that be on the lookout. I had been wanting to try it out for a long time and have been feeling like I’m in a cooking rut lately, so I thought why not?

Another thing I love doing for Valentine’s Day is getting all of the boys’ classmates and teachers something. Lucas got ninja turtle Valentines to give out this year -thanks MawMaw Verdie!- so I think I’m going to take a somewhat easy road and get boxes of those little heart shaped brownies and tie the ninja turtle Valentine to them with a Valentines’ ribbon. Easy but cute, and I’m sure the kids will appreciate the brownies 🙂

I also found SO many cute things online to wear for Valentine’s Day, including:

  1. This simple heart sweatshirt
  2. This pretty red sweater
  3. Powder pink sweater
  4. Red dress …obviously if you get to go out for Valentine’s Day


As you can probably tell, I love Valentine’s Day. Most holidays really. Getting to share holidays with your kids and making your own traditions as a family makes them even more special! What are you and your significant other/family’s traditions for Valentine’s Day? Are you more of a get fancy & go out or a heart shaped pancakes and Netflix/family game night kind of person?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

XO Meghan

Valentine's Day



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