Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Episode Two

Hi friends! Welcome back to another exciting week of Bachelor recapping! My friend Danielle and I will be doing this for every episode this season, so I hope you guys are enjoying it! I love a good Bachelor recap, and you can find Danielle’s two posts here and here.

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“You’re the one who said no to me, I’ve never said no to you.” -Peter, to Hannah B.

^^possibly one of the most dramatic quotes/moments on the show ever

This episode starts right back up in the (dressing room?) with Hannah B. I do not like this one bit. I don’t think it’s fair of Hannah B. to be back like this. I think it’s very obvious that Peter still has very real, very raw emotions for Hannah B. and he was not EITHER her first OR HER SECOND CHOICE. I also think it’s obvious that Peter is actually a good guy and is truly there to find love, and no one like that deserves to be a second or third choice. Hannah B. and Peter have obvious chemistry, heck she basically jumps on to his lap for a “hug” and there were many times it seemed like they were about to kiss! I just don’t like this situation, and I really hope that she won’t be back on this season and Peter will be able to find a girl who chooses him first always! Thank you for coming to my Ted talk, moving on.

After Peter finishes talking to Hannah B., he goes back out to talk to the girls on this group date covered in glitter for Hannah’s dress, and I don’t think these girls would be too pleased if they noticed that. He cancels this portion of the date and tells the girls they will reconvene later in the evening for the rest of their date. The girls are not happy with this info, rightfully so. Natasha LETS PETER KNOW that she is not happy. The girls talk about how worried they are that Peter hasn’t really moved on from Hannah B. and I’m sorry but is this Peter’s season or Hannah B.’s season?! I’m over them bringing Hannah back so much for Peter’s season. Let’s hope they got it all out of their systems now.

The night time portion of the date is basically just all the girls continuing to either talk about how upset they are about the Hannah B. situation or pretend like they’re over it. Natasha lets Peter know AGAIN how unhappy she is about the situation. Sydney gets the group date rose.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Peter is in quite the gift giving mood! He gives Lexi a little car and Madison a picture of them and his family from their date. I think that is telling, y’all! He really likes Madison, and I really believe she will end up at least in the top 2, if not the one who ends up with him.

And then we have the major drama of the rose ceremony, que “Champagne Problems” by Nick Jonas. But really, the whole drama between Hannah Ann and Kelsey is so petty and high school type of drama. Kelsey sets up champagne for her and Peter to share that she had apparently been saving for something special. Hannah Ann ends up taking Peter to her spot and they pop the champagne and Kelsey loses her mind. I feel like producers had something to do with this. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Hannah Ann, I don’t see this being all on her. I think Kelsey overreacted, but I also think the environment of the show may just not be for her. Peter ends up taking Kelsey to a different area of the party that’s set up with champagne, leading to the best scene of the episode. Kelsey ends up drinking out of the bottle and the champagne spews ALL IN HER FACE, producing possibly one of the funniest Bachelor related memes of all time. The producers must have shaken up the bottle beforehand or something. Kris Jenner works hard, but Bachelor producers work harder.

the bachelor champagne problems

A few girls go home at the rose ceremony, none of which were very surprising since I don’t know if we had even seen any of them have a conversation with Peter.

Next up is a group date which ends up being a Revolve fashion show competition, and I think Hannah Ann has an unfair advantage because she is an actual model. Victoria F. struggles with this date and vying for Peter’s attention, which I feel like is very relatable. I can not imagine being in this type of situation fighting for time with The Bachelor with so many other beautiful women with big personalities. As much as Victoria F. seems to struggle with being shy and fighting for attention, she surely had no problem putting on basically lingerie to strut down the runway, so does she actually have problems being confident? Not sure if I believe her or if it’s just an act. Time will tell!

Hannah Ann ends up winning this date, and I don’t know if she’s more excited about winning for Peter or winning a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE from Revolve. That was insane! Do they sponsor the Bachelor franchise now? Anyway, Victoria. F. basically throws a fit after she loses and runs away saying that Peter and Hannah can be together and she wants to go home.

At the nighttime portion of this date, Victoria F. cries to Peter about how not confident she is and how she doesn’t know if “this is worth her mental health.” Which I can totally feel for her because I don’t know if being a contestant on that show would have been worth my mental health. That has to be such a hard environment to be in, and I really can sympathize with her on that. Like I said before though, I just can’t tell if it’s an act or not. She ends up getting the group date rose anyway.

The real drama of the night is the drama revolving around #ChampagneGate yet again. It’s apparent that Hannah Ann and Kelsey don’t like each other, but Hannah Ann goes to Peter saying that Kelsey is bullying her…and I’m not buying it. I feel like lately people on this show will throw out the world bullying to throw people they don’t like under the bus, when really they are at fault as well, but they just want to make the other person look bad to the lead. I am NOT HERE FOR IT. Hopefully this drama will be finished by next week’s episode because TO BE CONTINUED…


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