Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Episode Three

Well, well, well…it’s week three! And this episode dramatically, as per usual, opens with two girls crying. These girls are STILL CRYING over the dumb champagne bottle. This whole #champagnegate nonsense is really just too much and hopefully ends right here with this episode.

I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t see Victoria P. get her one on one date card! I don’t know why they didn’t show that, since they usually show the girls’ reactions getting their date cards. So with them not showing her getting her card and with the other girls still crying over the champagne, I felt like we kind of just got thrown in to this episode with no game plan!

Victoria P. and Peter are SO CUTE together on their date. I think you can really tell that they have a genuine connection and are comfortable with each other. I don’t know how much I believe that Peter goes line dancing with his friends all the time, but hey it was a unique date. Of course they end up back in a warehouse full of airplanes for dinner — because once again I don’t know if you know this but Peter is in fact a pilot. Victoria opens up to Peter, telling him about her childhood and y’all her story literally brought me to tears. You can tell what a genuine, kind person she is and the way she talks about caring for her littler sister was incredible. She might be my favorite person ever on this franchise, and if she does not end up with Peter at the end VICTORIA P. FOR BACHELORETTE. I think it’s obvious that Peter is enamored by her and she gets the rose – YAY! I really hope her and Peter end up together at the end of this season.

The group date this week is planned and hosted by none other than Demi. It ends up being Demi’s pillow fight club. I think this whole date is pretty dumb honestly. My favorite part of the date is when Kelly talks about being embarrassed because she’s an attorney and her clients won’t take her seriously if she’s in lingerie on a tv show. THAT is real life, people. Of course, Sydney and Alayeah get put against each other because they are having drama in the house. They both move on to the championship pillow fight, where Alayeah wins and Sydney is PISSED. Producers made sure that those two were put against each other. They work hard, y’all!

The night portion of the date is focused a lot on Sydney and Alayeah’s drama. Sydney straight up asks her if she works and I was like woah, she is coming out swinging! Sydney ends up telling Peter in their one on one conversation that some girls in the house are fake. Peter basically asks Sydney to call out who she thinks is fake in front of all the girls, which I didn’t necessarily think was right. Sydney gets the group date rose after telling Peter that Alayeah is fake, which I think speaks to who Peter has a stronger connection with.

Peter has a “pool party” with the girls before the rose ceremony instead of a cocktail party. The pool party basically turns in to Peter trying to decide if he thinks Alayeah is fake or not. Victoria P. tells Peter that she knew Alayeah before (pageants) and that Alayeah orchestrated a lie to producers about not knowing Victoria before the show. The whole thing is a little confusing, but I for sure believe Victoria P. and I DO NOT THINK that Alayeah is for Peter.

At the rose ceremony, Peter ends up stepping out of the room before all of the roses are handed out. He talks to producers about not being sure if he should send Alayeah home or not. and YOU GUYS, Mykenna’s facial expressions during the rose ceremony were hilarious. She was so dramatic, and it was the best part of the whole episode! I was cracking up! Chris Harrison takes a rose away that’s left, and the last rose goes to Mykenna. Peter ends up sending Alayeah home, as well as a couple of other girls that he didn’t really seem to have a strong connection with.

After the rose ceremony, Peter is seen talking to producers about not knowing if he made the right decision to send Alayeah home. I think with the whole situation from Hannah’s season, (Jed not being there for the right reasons) Peter is scared something similar could end up happening to him with whatever girl he chooses. I feel for Peter because I really do think he’s there to find his wife, and hopefully all of this drama will work itself out and he’ll end up with the right girl! Fingers crossed it’s Victoria P.!


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