Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Episode Four

First of all, I fell BEHIND this week. I was sick basically all week and just never could catch up. Now it’s Sunday (THE CHIEFS JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL!!) and there’s already a new episode tomorrow AND Wednesday this week!! I’m very surprised that there’s going to be 2 new episodes this week so early on in the season, but here we are. The Bachelor will now be taking up 4 hours of my time this week instead of 2….it better be good!

Now welcome to the mutiny of the Bachelor! Well, technically that’s the end of the episode but we’ll get to that.

I thought the beginning of the episode was hilarious when Chris Harrison came in to let the girls know that it was time to start traveling and they needed to pack their bags for….Cleveland, Ohio! I have NEVER seen the contestants on the Bachelor be so disappointed in where they were heading to. I felt like their initial reaction was ungratefulness, but they quickly warmed up to Cleveland.

Victoria F. has the first one on one date. Peter flies them to Cedar Point, an amusement park in Ohio. My husband was suuuuper jealous, because he loves that place and wants us to go. They have a conversation about their potential future children and agree upon 4 kids. Peter brought up a good point for my argument for having 4 kids. If you have 3 kids, then one of them will always have to ride with a parent on rides, but if you have 4 kids they’ll always have a ride partner. I’ve been pushing for 4 kids for a while and I think this is the first thing that got my husband thinking that 4 kids is an actual possibility!

Peter has a surprise concert for Victoria F. and it’s none other than her ex boyfriend Chase Rice. You guyssss – Bachelor producers work so hard. This was such an awkward thing to watch. Peter has no idea it’s her ex and he is just having the time of his life. This really was so uncomfortable, and you could tell how uncomfortable it was for Victoria and Chase. Victoria talks to Chase after the concert, who tells her he just wants the best for her. Victoria ends up telling Peter at dinner that her and Chase used to date and you could tell Peter was STUNNED. He kept saying things like “noooo” and “what?” and “wait, the guy who was doing the concert?” Victoria cried and Peter consoled her and ends up giving her the rose. I think Peter likes Victoria a lot, and I think he handled the uncomfortableness well.

All of the other girls besides Kelsey go on a group date where they play tackle football. Victoria P. opts not to play because her back is hurt and all of the girls are mad that she gets to stay on the sideline with Peter. They play on 2 teams against each other and the game ends up being a tie so all of the girls get to go on to the night time portion of the date. The only thing that matters during the nighttime portion of the date is that Alayah just up and crashes the date and Peter takes her back! There is a big mix up of drama between her and Victoria P., which I honestly believe Alayah twists Victoria P.’s words and makes her look like the bad guy. Peter gives Alayah the group date rose on the freaking date that she was not even a part of because she was sent home – and y’all that was too much for me. All of the girls are pissed…rightfully so…and Alayah is so smug. Ugh.

Kelsey gets a one on one date with Peter and handled him telling her that Alayah was back very respectfully. Their date was sweet, but personally I just don’t see them ending up together. He gives her the rose.

Victoria F. confronts Alayah about telling the girls all of the gossip she heard about Victoria F.’s date with the Chase Rice concert and Victoria is MAD. I think it was so wrong of Alayah to use what she heard on the outside world when SHE GOT SENT HOME to start drama in the house once she came back. The way Victoria F. clapped back at Alayah had me cracking up. Kudos to her.

At the rose ceremony there is SO. MUCH. DRAMA right out the gate. Deandra and Natasha don’t waste any time telling Peter, in front of all of the other girls, how upset they are with him with letting Alayah come back in to the house. Then there’s a VERY awkward exchange between him and Victoria P. I really see her point in all of this, and I think she was kind of backed in to a corner and put in a very bad position and that’s not really fair to her. I’m still a fan of hers and I think Alayah just manipulated Peter and tried to show Victoria P. in a bad light, which I don’t necessarily believe is her character.

The episode ends in the middle of this mutiny of a rose ceremony, and we’ll see in tomorrow’s episode if any of the girls decide to stay or if they’ll have to get a whole new cast! Just kidding! We all know they stay, except Alayah hopefully. Tomorrow’s episode should be a good one!


2 thoughts on “Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Episode Four

  1. Hey girl! Found your super cute blog through the bachelor recap tag, ha! Love it! God I’m so invested this season in particular, lol.

    I’m loving the part about your husband being into four kids because of the ride thing. Gotta love that man logic. I want four as well hehe (husb already talked me down from five)! We just had our first though so, we’ll see what life brings! πŸ™‚

    I couldn’t deal with the Chase Rice awkwardness! I’m done saying “what are the chances” because by now we all know this stuff is so intentional on the part of ABC lol. Poor girls. πŸ˜‚

    And so true about Kelsey taking the Alayah news like a champ. Which had me so confused considering her reaction to the champagne bottle, and then the epic disaster that was Monday’s episode!

    Crazy season, this one! (Sorry for the novel, I’m just eating this season UP πŸ˜‚)

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    1. Aw hey girl! So happy you found your way over here πŸ™‚
      This season is WILD! Way more entertaining than Colton’s season, in my opinion lol

      Congrats on your first baby, mama! Such an exciting time πŸ™‚ My two are 4 and 2, and I am ready for another!

      EXACTLY! You know producers had to have pushed for Victoria F. to be on that date and they probs asked Chase to perform on the show for that purpose.

      That’s what shocked me about Kelsey’s reaction to Alayah. I am liking Kelsey way more as the season goes on!

      No problem at all, mama! I LOVE talking Bachelor. Come back any time you feel like you need a good Bachelor chat πŸ™‚


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