Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Episode Five

TWO EPISODES this week, y’all. Whew! It was a lot.

This week’s episodes started off at the rose ceremony where Peter was deciding to keep Alayah or not aka the mutiny of the Bachelor. All of the girls seemed like they were ready to overthrow Peter as the lead, and I don’t really blame them. One of the girls made a comment about it seeming like Peter has been rewarding the drama and that is SPOT ON. I did not see this season unfolding like this.

Peter ends up sending Alayah home…again. Personally, I kind of think it’s because he’s scared of the other girls in the house. Alayah definitely should have gone home and STAYED home in the first place. Bringing her back was not a good decision for anyone involved.

At the rose ceremony, Deandra seemed shocked that she was sent home but like was she really that shocked? Because I was not. It feels like none of these girls have really made a true, evolving connection with Peter because this whole season seems to be focused on dumb drama amongst the girls and not actually the growing relationships.

The girls then get to travel to Costa Rica! Woo they are way more excited than when they were told they got to go to Cleveland. Peter has a very unfortunate accident upon arriving to Costa Rica where he hits his head getting on to a golf cart and then follows it up with accidentally putting his hand up and whacking a glass against his head causing TWENTY-TWO FREAKING STITCHES. Y’all, this poor guy can not catch a break. They show the actual security camera footage of his accident and it’s just super unfortunate.

Sydney has a one on one date, and he seems to really like her. He tells her that she’s the best kisser and I’m like wow okay, if the girl you end up with is not Sydney then she’s probably not going to be too happy watching this season back and hearing that. Peter continues to keep telling Sydney how she’s the best kisser and that’s pretty much what their date consists of. The also bump heads where Peter’s stitches are an you can tell that’s got to be a real bummer for him, obvs.

The group date in Costa Rica is a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine. Victoria F. and Hannah Ann both choose to kiss Peter in front of all the other girls during the photoshoot which naturally stirs up some drama. Victoria F. wins the Cosmo cover with Peter.

There is lots of more dumb drama at the nighttime portion of the date. Kelsey and Tammy get in to it and you guys…I am not here for Tammy. I haven’t particularly cared for her this season. Tammy basically says that Kelsey is emotionally unstable because she’s a crier and like hello, some people just cry when they express their emotions. (It’s me…I’m some people.) Anyway, Tammy makes up rumors about Kelsey and it ends up backfiring on her. Actually none of this part of the episode really made sense to me and it is just SUCH DUMB DRAMA that I just can’t even process it. Again, I had such high hopes for this season and this stuff is such a let down.

Kelley gets a one on one date with Peter where they are literally told that they’re on separate pages and it’s so obvious that she’s just not that in to it. I think Kelly is actually really mature and makes very valid points and just so much sense that I think she should take herself out of this because she is too good for this season and to put up with the stupid drama. Peter ends up giving her the rose though, and she accepts.

Kelsey and Tammy fight some more. Tammy just is mean and needs to go home. Kelsey takes it upon herself to go talk to Peter before the rose ceremony (you go, girl) and Peter gives her a rose then and there. Kelsey goes back to the house and announces she got a rose (you can totally tell how uncomfortable she is and I think producers made her do that) and all of the girls are PISSED.

Tammy and Sydney get in a big argument with yelling and nonsense before the rose ceremony. Mykenna talks again about how it makes her so sad that Peter isn’t going to see how amazing she is because she doesn’t have enough time with him. Mykenna cracks me up y’all. Her facial expressions are so dramatic and hilarious. Tammy and Mykenna both decide to speak to Peter before he begins the rose ceremony and the girls are mad once again. Y’all it’s just TOO FREAKING MUCH. So many of the girls this season are so petty and I’m just trying to root for someone to fall in love and it’s hard!

Lexi gets sent home at the rose ceremony which I was upset about because I felt like she was one of the most mature, genuine girls there. Shian gets sent home as well and tries to “warn” Peter that some girls aren’t there for the right reasons. DUH, girl.

and that wraps up this week’s first episode!


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