Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Episode Six

The second episode THIS WEEK. We made it, y’all! How many hours is that this week? I never thought I’d be exhausted from watching The Bachelor, but here we are.

This episode starts off with the girls sitting together at what looks like a little outdoor cafe in Chile. The girls are still mad about Mykenna and Tammy “creating their own cocktail party” at the last rose ceremony.

Peter asks Hannah Ann out for a one on one and Hannah Ann makes a joke like “ahh I don’t know I’m kind of having a girls day” which I get is a joke but something about her is just off to me. I feel like she’s putting on a show for the cameras. They end up legit shoving a hot dog in each other’s faces and as I watched them get mayo up their noses I wanted to throw up. Hannah Ann admits that she’s never been in love before but then proceeds to talk about how she dated someone for 3 1/2 years and I’m not buying it. Can you date someone for that long and not feel like you’re in love with them? I don’t get it. At the night portion of the date Peter feels like Hannah Ann is too young and the fact that she hasn’t been in love before scares him. Hannah Ann turns on the waterworks and gives Peter exactly what he needs to hear, which I’m also confused about as to why he needed her to cry to make him happy. Like I said though, I’m confused and frustrated by a lot this season!

On the group date, they star in their own telenovela and the only thing you need to know on this group date is that Victoria P. basically sends herself home but technically Peter sends her home and I was not expecting that at all!!! The fact that he tells her he just didn’t see her as his wife, yet he has all these girls still there creating high school BS drama is just BEYOND ME. He lost me there. It seems like Peter is just making bad decision after bad decision this season. Mykenna and Tammy yell and fight some more…more ridiculous things. I’m further convinced that Victoria P. and Kelly are the most mature, sane ones from this show.

Victoria F. gets another one on one and all the girls are mad AGAIN. It seems like Peter is way more in to her than she is in to him, and I almost expected her to send herself home on this date. Peter basically tells Victoria F. that no one has ever given him so much grief but he’s v in to her so please stay, and she accepts his rose. I’m just not buying that she’s actually that in to him.

Tammy and Mykenna end up getting a two on one which is actually just a pre cocktail party convo and not much of a date. Peter hears both of them out about their issues with each other and sends Tammy home because obvs she is the root of a lot of drama.

At the rose ceremony Peter ends up sending Mykenna home which I was surprised like why not have just sent her home with Tammy an hour earlier? Confusing. He also sends Sydney home which I was SHOCKED! I expected her to go further. She leaves with the words “I enjoyed this” that just further proves my point that even the girls we think have the biggest connections with Peter really just aren’t either that in to him or that in to the experience.

Ugh I don’t know. I really hope this season picks up because I’m really rooting for Peter, but I feel like I’ve just been watching drama with the Wildcats at East High. (High School Musical reference) I’m rooting for Peter to fall in love! I just don’t see it happening with any of these ladies. Maybe Hannah Brown will come back. Who knows?

Until next episode!


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