Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Episode Seven

We’re back for another episode – almost to hometowns and I am STRUGGLING with this season. Such high hopes for this season with such a let down!

This episode takes place in Peru. Peter is FaceTiming with his mom at the beginning of the episode, which I think is sweet. If my boys were the Bachelor, I’d want them to FaceTime me every day, ya know?!

Peter is still talking about Alabama Hannah! I still don’t believe that he was over Hannah and ready to be The Bachelor.

The girls are all expecting a date card and instead Peter walks in to their suite. Peter gives a heartfelt speech about really needing to know if the girls are here for him and ready for marriage. I feel like he is so scarred by what happened to Hannah with Jed on his season of the Bachelorette that he’s so focused that will happen to him as well.

I’m not going to do a super long recap of this episode because I was not that in to it. I just don’t think this season is very believable and I’m kind of over it.

Madison gets a one on one and I feel like it’s very obvious that she will at least be in the top 2. I don’t completely believe in their connection, but like I said I don’t really believe in much this season. Peter says that he sees Madison as his best friend and I’m confused because I don’t think we’ve seen them interact much since their first date week one. Madison ends up getting the rose.

Natasha gets her first one on one but ends up going home and we all definitely saw this coming. Their date went well but they for sure just had a friendship vibe going on. She was way too emotionally mature for him anyway.

Kelsey gets another one on one, and I honestly really like Kelsey this season. She’s come such a long way since #champagnegate and I think her and Peter have the most all around genuine connection and have built their relationship the most so far. I do think it’s a liiiittle odd that Kelsey tells Peter how she recently reunited with her dad but that her mom doesn’t know. Like girl, you are going on national television what are you doing?! V WEIRD. Now Peter has to lie to your mom if she brings up your dad in front of him? Kelsey gets a rose and I think we are in for a VERY AWK hometown.

The three on one date is Kelly, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F. Kelly roasting these girls in her interview during the car ride was hilarious. Personally, I’m not really a fan of Hannah Ann or Victoria F. this season, so I found it pretty funny. I don’t necessarily agree that if you’re 23 you’re not ready for marriage (Hi Brandon and I met and got pregnant when I was 23) but I just don’t necessarily see Hannah Ann as being ready for all of that. Maybe she is, who am I to say? I just don’t see it with her and Peter.

Kelly saying that she is going to take a nap while she waits for Peter to stop talking to Hannah Ann is giving me life. Kelly is my newfound hero of the season.

Peter basically tells Kelly that relationships shouldn’t be fun, and by how much Peter seems in to having these girls cry for him and all the drama, I’m starting to believe he really thinks that.

Victoria F. picks a fight with Peter by telling him he’s always in a mood and I AM JUST SO CONFUSED. Victoria F. needs to go home but gets the first rose on this date because obvs Peter has lost his marbles.

Hannah Ann gets the second rose and immediately breaks down sobbing for whatever reason, who knows? Also confused by her reaction.

Kelly gets sent home, and honestly good for her that she got out of this hot mess. She is too good for this season. I think she probably came on this season for Mike anyway.

So…our final four are Madison, Kelsey, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F. I think hometowns are going to be prrrretty bumpy and I can’t wait to see what kind of craziness happens for the hometowns’ episode!

Who do y’all think will be the top 3? Are you confused as to why Victoria F. is still on the show? Let’s discuss!



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