Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete (Hometowns)

Hellooooo friends! I am entering back in to the land of the living after our house got hit hard with the flu. My poor babies have been so miserable the past few days but everyone seems to be on the up and up now, so hoping that continues!

This past week’s episode of the Bachelor was all about hometowns! I am not sold on Peter’s final four, but here we are. The only girl I’ve truly been rooting for the whole time has been Madison, so I’m still holding strong for her!

First up, we have Hannah Ann’s hometown. I, as well as some of my other friends who are Bachelor fans, find Hannah Ann SUPER FAKE. I just don’t find her very genuine on this show. She always seems so rehearsed, not sure if that’s just from being in pageants or if that’s just her.

Peter writes Hannah Ann a letter, matching the letter she gave him a previous week, of all the things he loves about her. Eh. Her reaction to this letter seemed SO FREAKING FAKE. The “oh my words” were too much for me.

Not much drama or things that stood out with her family meeting Peter. Her dad did ask Peter not to tell Hannah Ann that he was falling in love with her unless he was sure, and he ended up telling her, so I would say he’s pretty sure about her. Overall I think Hannah Ann’s hometown went well, and I think Peter sees her and Madison as his top two.

Next up is Kelsey’s hometown. Again, I think their relationship has been one of the only mature, progressing relationships this season. Her family is the sweetest and when her mom was talking to Peter about not breaking her sweet daughter’s heart, I cried. Watching this show as a mom is so different because I just think of how I’d feel if it were my kids on this show when they grow up haha. Kelsey tells Peter that she loves him. I think Peter loves how in to him Kelsey is, but not quite sure her deep feelings are reciprocated.

Madison’s hometown was the best, in my opinion. Getting to have your hometown date at Auburn seemed really cool, and I think Peter was kind of in awe of the date as well as Madison. I loved Madison’s family! You can just see how close they are and what good, genuine people they are. I may or may not have cried a couple of times during their hometown just watching how much love their family has for one another. I imagine that to be how we are as our kids grow up. I think Madison will DEFINITELY be in the top two, but I think fantasy suite week will be interesting because of how much this episode alluded to Madison’s values and faith.

Last up was Victoria F.’s hometown date, which was a freaking MESS. There was a performance from Hunter Hayes…not sure how she pulled that for her hometown date. One of Peter’s ex-girlfriends showed up to warn Peter that Victoria has broken up multiple relationships. CRAZY. Peter confronts Victoria on the front steps of her house before he goes in to meet her family, where Victoria gets SUPER DEFENSIVE and basically turns it around on Peter. Obvs guilty. Then she freaks out and Peter doesn’t get to meet her family. I mean, does this disqualify her? V confused.

Victoria ends up going to meet Peter at his hotel room and apologizes for freaking out on him…yet again. They basically just talk in circles and Victoria tells him that she’s falling in love with him. Their relationship seems so petty and immature and ugh…it is incredibly cringey.

The rose ceremony is in an airplane hangar, yet again. Pretty sure this is the same place the rose ceremony was when Jojo sent Luke home during her season…anyone else notice that?! Anyway…Peter picks Madison, Hannah Ann, and freaking VICTORIA F.!!! What are you doing Peter?! I was so frustrated after seeing that he was sending Kelsey home and keeping Victoria F. In my opinion, it is very obvious that Peter is just keeping Victoria F. around to bring her to the fantasy suite. She’s not the one, Peter!

I’m very excited to see how tomorrow night’s fantasy suite episode plays out! I’ve read some rumors about someone walking out, so we will see! Who do you think Peter will give his final rose to? Is there literally anyone out there who thinks it will be Victoria F.?


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