Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Fantasy Suites

Youuuu guysssssss. Anyone else SO OVER this season?! I have been way more invested in the whole season of Love is Blind, which we finished in 3 days, than any part of this season of The Bachelor.

This episode started off with Madison pulling Peter to the side after their last ceremony. She basically tells Peter that if he sleeps with any of the other women during Fantasy Suite week, she doesn’t think she’d be able to continue on in this relationship with him.

You. Go. Madison.

I FULLY 100% support this message. I think it is insane to think that people get engaged on this show after they likely have slept with someone else the previous week. I think Madison’s values and what she stands for are what we need this season. I saw a meme comparing Peter and Madison to Colton and Cassie. If you remember correctly, Colton did not go to the fantasy suite with either Hannah G. or Tayshia because he was so sure about Cassie and as much as I didn’t love Colton as the Bachelor, respect for him and SHAME ON YOU, PETER!

Can we also talk about HOW AWKWARD it is that all 3 girls are staying in the same hotel suite this week? Like…whattttttttt?! I don’t think they have ever done that before, and I believe they only set it up like that to force the awkwardness on Madison knowing her morals. Y’all, this season just keeps getting worse and worse.

First up is Hannah Ann’s date, and I still think every word out of her mouth is rehearsed. They go jet-skiing and Peter says that’s the best way he knows how to explore Australia’s Gold Coast…what about flying though? Aren’t you a pilot, Pete? Their date goes well and they stay in the fantasy suite together.

Next up is Victoria F.’s date. They go on a helicopter ride and talk about how shocked they are that they haven’t fought yet on their date. WHAT a good sign. I can not with  their relationship. To hear Peter talk about “when it’s good it’s so good and that’s like 95% of the time..” I’m sorry but what 95% of the time are you seeing? They’re always fighting and just watching them together and what we see on TV, their relationship looks v unhealthy. They obvs end up staying in the Fantasy Suite together because let’s be honest, that’s why Peter has kept Victoria F. on the show this long.

Lastly is Madison’s date, and I really feel like they put her last so Peter would have already slept with the other two girls before their date. During the day portion of their date, they go to a really tall building and climb to the top on the outside of the building. I would be scared out of my mind on this date. They both seem to really trust each other, and Madison talks about how she can see Peter being the father of her children. Oh girl. You deserve better than this show!

During the dinner portion of their date, they talk about their conversation after the last rose ceremony. Madison tells him that when she was younger she made a commitment to herself that she was going to save herself for marriage (SO MUCH RESPECT) and tells him again that if he had slept with any other girl this week, she would not be able to move forward in their relationship or accept a proposal. Peter looks v confused because obviously he has slept with someone else this week. Madison is being VERY clear, and Peter just looks like a dear in headlights. Peter ends up telling her that he, in fact, has slept with another girl this week (shocker.) Madison walks out of dinner crying and Peter eventually gets up to go talk to her. He cries to her, begging her not to leave. My thing is, if he was that emotional about not wanting her to leave than he SHOULD NOT HAVE SLEPT WITH ANOTHER GIRL. Madison made it clear to him that was a dealbreaker for her, and he did not respect that. If he wanted it to be him and her at the end, he should have respected her wishes.

This season has honestly been so frustrating and Peter freaking let me down. He has made some awful decisions, and I’m hoping there is some kind of redemption at the end of this season.

MORE IMPORTANTLY!! They’re announcing the next Bachelorette tomorrow, and I am SUPER excited about it. If you follow Reality Steve at all or google the Bachelorette, you may have seen the rumor that Clare Crawley is going to be the new Bachelorette!! I can’t wait to see if that’s true, and if it is I AM HERE FOR IT. Do y’all remember her from Juan Pablo’s season? Or Bachelor in Paradise? Or Bachelor Winter Games? I think her season would be an interesting one for sure. What are your thoughts on it?

Only a few more episodes left of Peter’s season! I just really need a kick ass Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise to happen this year.


One thought on “Bachelor Recap: Pilot Pete Fantasy Suites

  1. I just CANNOT with Peter. He’s such an idiot. I LOVE that Madison stood her ground and didn’t compromise her morals for the BS he was spitting out of his mouth. I love that she doesn’t fall for his cheap talk the way the other two drool puddles do. Actions speak louder than words, and his actions were total crap. This just made it seem like such a game to him, and Madison was just SPOT ON with her explanation. I would too be so skeptical of a proposal from some guy who slept with not one but TWO women the week before. And I love how his exact words were “I can 100% see a future with us” … so glad that he was so sure about it that night, but two nights before he was rolling around between the sheets with Hannah Ann. And don’t even get me started on Victoria F. Although part of me wonders if he slept with her based on how annoyed she looked when she found out Madison issued her “ultimatum.” Those two are a hot mess and if he picks her, they deserve each other and the dumpster fire that will inevitably follow. 😂 This season’s got me pretty irritated, clearly. 😂


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