Hello, 27!

Hello, 27!

Happy birthday to me! 🙂 Y'all, I'm 27. This coming spring is Brandon's 10 year high school reunion, the next year will be mine, and 30 years old is slowly but surely creeping up on us. We are getting OLD(er)! Like I've said before, I love birthdays. Especially with my last 3 birthdays, the years [...]

Year 26

I turn 27 this weekend! I love birthdays y'all. They're always an excuse to celebrate and have family and friends get together. The birthday e-mails with free stuff and special birthday offers get me SO excited too, not going to lie. Year 26 was a big one for me/us. We got pregnant with our second [...]

Nursing friendly options from Abercrombie

Hi guys! Having a newborn who nurses basically around the clock, I've been trying to find some more nursing friendly options to wear when we're out & about. I recently rediscovered Abercrombie thanks to following some awesome mom bloggers on Instagram, and they actually have a lot of nursing friendly clothes! I don't necessarily like [...]